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True story, I've been using products from the same skincare brand since the 7th grade. My skin has always been pretty sensitive, so once I find a brand and products that work, I stick with it. Alba Botanica® is one of my time-tested favorite brands and has always been so pure and gentle on my skin. 

As you guys know, I've battled breakouts for years. Can anyone else relate to getting teenage acne breakouts as an adult? It can be frustrating, but I've worked hard to find balance with my skin. I've aimed to reduce stress, get enough sleep each night, eat clean, and find skincare products that work for me instead of against me. Often harsh products help my breakouts but cause my skin to get red, irritated, and extra sensitive. I found the perfect balance between keeping my skin clear and away from harsh chemicals when I started using the Acnedote™ line.

How I Keep My Skin Clear with Acnedote™
I've found that this line is effective but gentle. Because it's botanically-based, the Clearing Gel Peel has Willow Bark Extract to remove bacteria that often causes breakouts. The plant-based ingredients such as active fruit acids dry up blemishes and brighten my skin as well. By using the peel once a week, I can definitely tell that my skin feels clearer, brighter, and smoother. The Face & Body Scrub is seriously one of my all time favorite products. It exfoliates by using ground walnut shell and buffs away dirt and oil. My skin tends to breakout more in the winter, so I'm so glad to be heading into these chiller months with this exfoliating scrub that makes my skin feel extra fresh and clean. 

 photos by Hannah Rexinger 

When it comes to choosing the right skincare products for my skin, I trust in Alba Botanica®. They create 100% vegetarian and botanically-based products that do beautiful for you, others, animals and our earth. 
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