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photo by Lauren Kim 

Today I'm so excited to be sharing my go to beauty products from Sephora. This post has been long in the works! I am a long time lover of Sephora. I have childhood memories of wandering the aisles looking for sparkly eye liner, teen memories of buying my first real beauty products with my mom, and recent memories of getting ready for the MTV Movie & TV Awards with the 13 Reasons Why cast. I've spent years trying new products thanks to their amazing samples and rewards. And now, I've finally been able to narrow down my ten favorite products!

Sephora Cucumber Cleansing Wipes 
I traveled alot this past summer and went of lots of flights. This product makes my skin feel so clean on to go, which is really difficult to do if you don't have soap and water. My go-to when I'm on the road or on a flight! One side of these wipes is smooth, which is so fresh on my skin. The other side is a rougher, exfoliating texture that I use on oily areas like my t-zone and chin.

Tarte Twinkle Stick Highlighter 
No a joke, I feel like an actual mermaid whenever I put this on. This product is all about making your skin light and bright. I apply it to my cheek bones and it adds a great natural glow. A little also goes a long way and all you really need is a swipe on each cheek bone. I’m all about products that don't require too much work to make you feel and look amazing.

Alterna Haircare Hydra-Gelee 
Let me tell you, it has taken me my entire life to find a hair product that I am absoltuely in love with. I stumbled across this one because there was a mini set as one of the Sephora beauty rewards. After I bought an expensive, high heat curling iron my ends were just destroyed. I had to trim so much off the bottom and do some major healing to get back smooth and healhy hair. This is the only product I have ever used since I damanged my hair that makes me feel like im actually healing it instead of just adding chemicals and product that doesnt imporve anything. It completly detangles my hair and I have noticed visibly less split ends.

Living Proof Night Cap
Again, I purchased this out of desperation as I was tring to heal my fried hair. While I'm in the shower, I let this deep conditoning hair mask sit on my head and work its magic! Sidenote: I only apply it on the ends of my hair because I dont want to make my roots greasy!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo
Most other dry shampoos make my hair feel really dirty and powdery, but this product doesn't do that. It gives me so much volume. I have hair that naturally lays pretty flat, and regardless if my hair actually needs a wash, this prodcut just adds so much volume to my hair.

Pericone Face Finishing Moisturizer 
At this point, I’ve struggled with acne for about half my life believe it or not. Its defintiely an area that I am willing to invest in in order to clear up my skin and make it the healthiest it can be. This product is a little on the pricier side, but it is by far the best and most effective moisterizer I have ever used. Basically, I used an acne medication years ago that caused me to peal like crazy, I felt like a was a snake shedding it’s skin! Out of desperation, my mom picked up this moisterizer. I put it on at night and when I woke up the next morning, the flakes and the pealing had completely stopped and my skin felt so much better. Its great in general but especially if you are using harsh prescription products on your skin. It is a great way to counterbalance the chemicals and restore your skin.

Anastasia Brow Definer (Dark Brown)
This is a great product because it does two jobs in one. On one side is a slanted pencil, so it goes on really easily and has a natural look. The other side of the pencil is a brush and I do one swipe on each brow to blend in my brows. It's really quick and simple to use.

My favorite shade of this is Coril Fauve. My mom is my Sephora buddy, and we picked this up in Venice, Itally a few years ago when we had lost our makeup and were in desperate need. This grogeous, striking Italian woman working at the Sephora counter reccommend it to us, and now five years later, we are still dedicated users.

Tarte Setting Powder
I love this product use this its the last thing I put on when Im doing my makeup, and it mattifys and locks my makeup in place, and really gives a photo finish. It blends in any blemishes or harsh lines I might have. Also it has a faint scent of vanilla whcih I love so that is another plus!

I have used so many different mascarsa throughout the years, and never felt like I could avoid being clumpy or too heavy. This mascara is more about getting full lashes and adding length, which I love! I actually first started usuing this when I got it as a free sample, but fell in love and ended up going to buy it!

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