How to (Actually) Be Successful

Maybe it's my college graduation that's making me especially reminiscent and sentimental. Maybe it's the fact that I really want to write a book one day, and this creative flow actually helped put pen to paper. Maybe it's a combination of both. Regardless, I was thinking about the idea of success and what that word actually holds so much weight, yet to most, seems intimidating and unattainable. By giving this modern definition of success so much power, we tend to view it in such a confining and limiting sense. We stop ourselves from actually pursing and achieving because we are so terrified of the word. Instead of seeing the freedom and fluidity in pursuing our dreams, sometime's we get caught running after someone else's and then constantly judging ourselves for failing to reach that impossible achievement.

My mom. Reese Witherspoon. Michelle Obama. Ellen Degeneres.

These are just some of the women who's work ethic I look up to. Their achievements aren't the same. But guess what, their goals aren't the same! They've honed in on their unique talents and skills, utilized their time, and ran hard toward their goals. I have news for you, every single one of us has the exact same amount of hours in a day. We all have at least that common thread. It's what we do with those hours that really count. We all the power and the capability. 

I promise you that these women don't binge watch Netflix... It's plain and simple math. If you spend lazy day after lazy day devouring season after season of Greys Anatomy, you will not be reach your goals. Whatever your definition of success may be, the math simply doesn't add up if you spend all time in bed watching other people's stories you will not create your own stories and develop your own skills.

Just a thought: work is underrated. We constantly strive for time off, avoiding responsibility and structure. But I've got news for you, human beings crave structure. We thrive with a certain amount of structure. And this was a difficult lesson for me to learn. When structure exists, it makes those unstructured moments of creativity and fun even better. I had to learn to press into structure instead of avoiding it at all costs.

These women I look up to don't try to do it all... I think a lot of people approach this topic of success with the mindset that you can't possibility have the time or energy to "do it all" and somehow "successful" people have figured out the secret that we don't have. I promise that's not true. It's okay to say no to people. It's okay to not care about the small stuff so you can focus on your big goals. It's okay to take time discovering your goals. When you truly know yourself; your passions, your talents, your goals, you can hone on solely on that. The saying is true: it's much better to be great at one thing than okay at a lot of things. This one comes from knowing yourself. 


Working It Out


When I stepped into my first Corepower Yoga class, I was an exhausted college freshman (and 15 pounds heavier than I am now). Slowly but surely, I began to depend on yoga as a source of both physical and mental strengthening. Yoga fuels me when I feel empty, slows me down when my mind is racing, and challenges me every time I step on the mat. And those couple pounds lost are far less important than what I’ve gained: more strength, more endurance, and more love for this body. 

I've always loved getting active.  I’ll be the first one to go on a hike, rock climb, ski, try a new barre workout, or head to Soul Cycle. But going to the gym and doing the same over and over again? I used to have a mental barrier that I couldn't break through. Yoga classes have taught me discipline and endurance. 

Cute workout gear, a motivating playlist, a positive mindset, and products that make me feel great really make a difference. And lucky for me, Myro, an plant powered deodorant that uses natural scents and essential oils, gets me through every workout feeling so fresh and clean! Myro believes a good mood and good scent go together like black coffee and breakthroughs. And thats a message I can get behind! 

Another thing I LOVE about Myro is that their refillable case reduces waste by 50% compared to other deodorants. How it works is that instead of buying a whole new deodorant when you run out, instead you simply refill your case with a new pod. And the best part? You can set your Myro orders to deliver staraight to your door timed to when you need it. You can change up the scents and discover your favorites. It's streamlined, easy, and great for the planet! To learn more and get 50% off your first order visit and use promo code “Hannah”

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10 Best Wedding Registry Items


This is not a comprehensive list of everything you could ever imagine registering for-- I'll save that for another time (like maybe after we get married and figure out what we actually need). Instead, this post is compilation of our favorites-- the fun, the unique, and the things that you never even knew you needed! This list is a great starting off point is you are recently engaged and just beginning to gather ideas for your registry or if you are a wedding guest in search of a dope present for newlyweds. (Or even if weddings totally aren't your thing and you're just searching for cool home decor!) We registered on Zola, which I highly recommend. It is a great all in one resource with tons of trendy options.

Holiday Decorations : Someone gave me the advice to register for holiday decor essentials such as festive tablecloths, dishes, pillows, and garlands so that when our first Christmas rolls around don't splurge quite as much... super great advice and also a great way to make those items even more sentimental year after year.

Crosely Bluetoth Turn Table : This is both a functional and decorative piece. Kyle has gotten me a couple records that are really special to our relationship, so I can’t wait to display them and make them a focal point.

Set of 3 Woven Baskets We plan on living in a pretty small place when we first get married. Our thought process is that now will be the time to save more than ever in both the realms of finance and space. With that in mind, small spaces can look messy and cluttered really quickly if you’re not careful. The solution to this problem? Storage that is both functional and decorative!

Retro Dining Chairs : Target has been on its A-game lately. These look like they were plucked straight out of the 60s and I am all about it. These chairs are definitely more of an investment, but I have yet to find a more affordable option when it comes to art deco style velvet.

KitchenAid Mixer  : No registry is complete without an upright mixer. This is one of those items that lasts (basically) forever and will be there for every family holiday, birthday celebration, and baking night. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent gathered round the mixer with my mom, so it feels like a step into adulthood to get a KitchenAid of my own.

Outdoor String Lights This is another one of those things that is perfectly suited for minimal living-- outdoor lights can really dress up a space, even if its just a tiny patio. Paired with a small pieces of outdoor furniture, even the simplest space can become the perfect place to enjoy morning coffee or dinner outside.

Tandem Sleeping Bag We are big time campers, so this is such a fun gift for the outdoor loving couple. Between the two of us, we already had most camping essentials, but this is a great add on.

Bar Cart A good bar cart is a great staple piece that is timeless and so useful. Bar carts can be one of the most multi purpose furniture pieces- they can be used as book shelves, side tables, or even for food storage in the kitchen. I love to rearrange and redecorate all the time, so I love how many different ways a piece like this can be used.

Cook Books I am so excited to have a space and a kitchen of our own! Living with several roommates meant very limited space and cooking ability (first I was in a sorority house of 60 and then an apartment of 6!). I’m so excited for many date-nights-in spent learning new recipes.

Artifact Uprising Photo Album: Hands down the most quality photo company out there... whether you gather photos and make an album yourself or go the gift card route for the couple to make a wedding album, either way is a big time gifting win!

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