How to (Actually) Be Successful

Maybe it's my college graduation that's making me especially reminiscent and sentimental. Maybe it's the fact that I really want to write a book one day, and this creative flow actually helped put pen to paper. Maybe it's a combination of both. Regardless, I was thinking about the idea of success and what that word actually holds so much weight, yet to most, seems intimidating and unattainable. By giving this modern definition of success so much power, we tend to view it in such a confining and limiting sense. We stop ourselves from actually pursing and achieving because we are so terrified of the word. Instead of seeing the freedom and fluidity in pursuing our dreams, sometime's we get caught running after someone else's and then constantly judging ourselves for failing to reach that impossible achievement.

My mom. Reese Witherspoon. Michelle Obama. Ellen Degeneres.

These are just some of the women who's work ethic I look up to. Their achievements aren't the same. But guess what, their goals aren't the same! They've honed in on their unique talents and skills, utilized their time, and ran hard toward their goals. I have news for you, every single one of us has the exact same amount of hours in a day. We all have at least that common thread. It's what we do with those hours that really count. We all the power and the capability. 

I promise you that these women don't binge watch Netflix... It's plain and simple math. If you spend lazy day after lazy day devouring season after season of Greys Anatomy, you will not be reach your goals. Whatever your definition of success may be, the math simply doesn't add up if you spend all time in bed watching other people's stories you will not create your own stories and develop your own skills.

Just a thought: work is underrated. We constantly strive for time off, avoiding responsibility and structure. But I've got news for you, human beings crave structure. We thrive with a certain amount of structure. And this was a difficult lesson for me to learn. When structure exists, it makes those unstructured moments of creativity and fun even better. I had to learn to press into structure instead of avoiding it at all costs.

These women I look up to don't try to do it all... I think a lot of people approach this topic of success with the mindset that you can't possibility have the time or energy to "do it all" and somehow "successful" people have figured out the secret that we don't have. I promise that's not true. It's okay to say no to people. It's okay to not care about the small stuff so you can focus on your big goals. It's okay to take time discovering your goals. When you truly know yourself; your passions, your talents, your goals, you can hone on solely on that. The saying is true: it's much better to be great at one thing than okay at a lot of things. This one comes from knowing yourself. 

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