Working It Out


When I stepped into my first Corepower Yoga class, I was an exhausted college freshman (and 15 pounds heavier than I am now). Slowly but surely, I began to depend on yoga as a source of both physical and mental strengthening. Yoga fuels me when I feel empty, slows me down when my mind is racing, and challenges me every time I step on the mat. And those couple pounds lost are far less important than what I’ve gained: more strength, more endurance, and more love for this body. 

I've always loved getting active.  I’ll be the first one to go on a hike, rock climb, ski, try a new barre workout, or head to Soul Cycle. But going to the gym and doing the same over and over again? I used to have a mental barrier that I couldn't break through. Yoga classes have taught me discipline and endurance. 

Cute workout gear, a motivating playlist, a positive mindset, and products that make me feel great really make a difference. And lucky for me, Myro, an plant powered deodorant that uses natural scents and essential oils, gets me through every workout feeling so fresh and clean! Myro believes a good mood and good scent go together like black coffee and breakthroughs. And thats a message I can get behind! 

Another thing I LOVE about Myro is that their refillable case reduces waste by 50% compared to other deodorants. How it works is that instead of buying a whole new deodorant when you run out, instead you simply refill your case with a new pod. And the best part? You can set your Myro orders to deliver staraight to your door timed to when you need it. You can change up the scents and discover your favorites. It's streamlined, easy, and great for the planet! To learn more and get 50% off your first order visit and use promo code “Hannah”

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