Wedding Dress Q&A!


The feeling of shopping for my wedding dress, "proposing" to my bridesmaids, and ultimately saying YES is an experience I hope stays etched in my memories for the rest of my life. It was a day so full of love, happy tears, and mimosas with some of the most important women in my life.

I knew it was going to be a great day the second our "Dress Shopping Crew" group chat started dropping some amazing wedding GIFs. Everyone from my grandma to my teenage cousins to my college besties were in this group chat, so it was quite the mix. When all twelve people filed into the bridal shop, I think my heart actually melted. My aunt and cousins had driven over 2 hours to be there. My best friends went out of their way to supply snacks and drinks. Seeing my my mom and Kyle's mom sitting next to each other and was the sweetest thing. And everyone was so encouraging, supportive, and helpful in the dress hunt. Family (by blood, marriage, or friendship) is just the special most special thing in the world.

To top it all off, I am so excited to be partnering with Essense of Australia to share some of my favorite styles I tried on and answer all questions dress related! I asked for questions on my Insta stories and am so excited to be featuring them today!  The shop treated us so wonderfully and I can’t recommend The Dresser enough. I asked for questions on my Insta story and today I’m answering them today!

Wedding Dress Shopping Q&A!

Did you get the feeling or moment?
I absolutely did! I thought I was going to go wedding dress shopping with just my mom and have to search at several shops to find the one. Boy was I wrong! The only reason I really planned to go dress shopping on the day that I found my dress was because I invited all of the women in my family and was asking a lot of my cousins to be bridesmaids. I had this plan to come out of the fitting room with a sign asking them, but that was it. I ended up finding my dress with all of their support. Once I put on the dress, I didn't really want to change out of it! I'm so glad that I made the decision with my people cheering me on. Their input and support was actually so useful. These people know me best, so it was so special when everyone instantly agreed that we'd found the dress. In my dress shopping process, I realized it was about finding the dress that feels perfect for you.

What style are you looking for?
I know my body type and I know what styles I usually feel best in, but I think it's really important to try on every fit and style of dress so that you can have absolute certainty! Sometimes you have a specific dress in mind and then you can end up not feeling quite as confident in it. And then something totally out of left field can surprise you and give you feeling that you're looking for!

What has been your favorite part about dress shopping?
Dress shopping can truly be one of the most fun and special parts of wedding planning. And for me, it was all about the people that surrounded me as we spent such a fun morning together! So pop the champagne and soak up this time with your ladies!

How do you pick your bridesmaids dresses?
I'm was excited to discover Sorella Vita’s stunning bridesmaid dress styles! Once I decided on a brand and color, I let my bridesmaids choose any dress that they felt most beautiful and confident in! I think it’s so important to consider everyone’s different preferences and styles, instead of just making the decision myself, I really wanted each of them to actually love their dress. I knew that they were all going to coordinate color-wise and since all of Sorella Vita’s styles are so beautiful, I had no reservations telling my bridesmaids to this pick exactly what they wanted!

Do you have any tips for what to eat or do before starting the day of serious dress shopping?
This is an underrated but super important question! Often dress appointments are earlier in the day, so do not (and repeat! do not) skip breakfast! You will be standing for hours on end and wearing heavy dresses, so I would definitely recommend having a big meal beforehand and hydrating. My maid of honor actually brought some snacks for everyone which was really nice since it can be a long day for everyone!

Do you recommend window shopping before getting serious?
Yes and no. I think having some level of exposure to wedding dresses is helpful (I’m sure we’ve all seen an episode or two of Say Yes to the Dress!), but it is more important to have an open mind! Trust the professionals at the bridal shop, they know what they are doing and will help you feel (and look) great!

Where do you even begin?
The first thing I would do is get excited! This is such a fun and special time. Next step? Set a budget and only let yourself browse dresses within that price point. Shops will be very accommodating and provide plenty of options within your realm of possibility.

Is there a specific style you like best?
If you are making a dress decision soon, the first and important thing to consider is how you feel in it. While it is so wonderful and helpful to have your  feeling wonderful in it. That’s all that really matters. Second if you kind of don't know where to go I was just really think about your Venue you are getting married in Southern California in July it's going to be 80 to 90 degrees and swedes are going to make you feel miserable on the flip side if you're having a beautiful foggy in December wedding that might be something that you want unique situation

As you can see, it is so helpful to try on all styles and fits so that you can truly get a clear idea of what you feel best in. Now I want to know, which Essense of Australia style is your favorite?

This post is brought to you by Essense of Australia

My Senior Year at UCLA, Apartment Room Tour


I wanted to share a mini room tour while I was still living in LA! Crazy to think I won't be an LA resident in just a short time. My cozy little apartment treated me well. It's an old build with tons of character; a big fireplace, converted sun porch, and wainscoting on the walls. My dream space! I love a place with character. I've been in 4 girl rooms in my sorority house prior to this year, so having my own room to decorate made me so excited to create our own space when Kyle and I move in together. So much fun ahead! 

I also gave a full room tour on my IG story-- if you check out my highlights, you can find it titled "APT"

Hannah, A to Z

Hannah, A to Z
It's been a while since I formally introduced myself around here and I thought there was no better way than by going through the letters of the alphabet! I thought it could be a good opportunity to get creative and maybe to share some facts you might not have know about me. So, here goes nothing! 

A: Acting
my first love and how I spent most of my childhood
B: Ben 
my brother! He is three years younger than me and my best friend
C: Corepower Yoga
my saving grace throughout college and one of my favorite ways to workout (read my post here!)
D: Disneyland
the happiest place on earth and where Kyle and I spend many date days since we got annual passes! (read my post here!)
E: English
my major at UCLA
F: France
probably my favorite county I've ever traveled to (read my post here!)
G: Grace
my middle name and also one of my favorite words to live yourself and others grace is so important
H: How I Met Your Mother
the first TV role I ever landed was on HIMYM's Christmas special when I was 10
I: India
the most transformative place I have ever traveled (read my post here!)
J: Jesus
who I put my trust and faith in
K: Kyle
my soon to be husband and favorite human! (read our story here!)
L: Legally Blonde
my favorite childhood movie
M: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
hands down my favorite ice cream flavor and dessert in general  
N: Northern California
where I'm from. I was born and raised there, and its my favorite place on earth
O: Oregon
where my brother goes to college and where one of my favorite gals, Natalie, lives!
P: Payne and Poppinga
the two most important last names in my life
Q: Queen
aka my mother. She is my BFF and my inspiration...and when we were little, she wore a crown around the house to remind us to treat her like the queen she is!
R: Reasons
as in 13 Reasons Why, which I had a role in season one!
S: Singing
apparently I started singing before I learned how to talk
T: Travel 
one of my favorite things to do EVER! I could live my whole life out of a suitcase!
where I earned my undergraduate degree
my car! A Volkswagen Tiguan if you’re wondering and that car is my best friend
W: Wow!
which I saw way too much... its kind of my go to expression
X: Excited
for this next season of life... graduation, marriage, career, new home! (there aren't very many "X" words, so we're going with the sound)
Y: You! 
this community of readers and followers that I love so dang much
Z: Zoom
how this life is seriously zooming by! I feel like yesterday I hit publish on my first blog post, and now, I'm almost five years into this journey!