Hannah, A to Z

Hannah, A to Z
It's been a while since I formally introduced myself around here and I thought there was no better way than by going through the letters of the alphabet! I thought it could be a good opportunity to get creative and maybe to share some facts you might not have know about me. So, here goes nothing! 

A: Acting
my first love and how I spent most of my childhood
B: Ben 
my brother! He is three years younger than me and my best friend
C: Corepower Yoga
my saving grace throughout college and one of my favorite ways to workout (read my post here!)
D: Disneyland
the happiest place on earth and where Kyle and I spend many date days since we got annual passes! (read my post here!)
E: English
my major at UCLA
F: France
probably my favorite county I've ever traveled to (read my post here!)
G: Grace
my middle name and also one of my favorite words to live by...giving yourself and others grace is so important
H: How I Met Your Mother
the first TV role I ever landed was on HIMYM's Christmas special when I was 10
I: India
the most transformative place I have ever traveled (read my post here!)
J: Jesus
who I put my trust and faith in
K: Kyle
my soon to be husband and favorite human! (read our story here!)
L: Legally Blonde
my favorite childhood movie
M: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
hands down my favorite ice cream flavor and dessert in general  
N: Northern California
where I'm from. I was born and raised there, and its my favorite place on earth
O: Oregon
where my brother goes to college and where one of my favorite gals, Natalie, lives!
P: Payne and Poppinga
the two most important last names in my life
Q: Queen
aka my mother. She is my BFF and my inspiration...and when we were little, she wore a crown around the house to remind us to treat her like the queen she is!
R: Reasons
as in 13 Reasons Why, which I had a role in season one!
S: Singing
apparently I started singing before I learned how to talk
T: Travel 
one of my favorite things to do EVER! I could live my whole life out of a suitcase!
where I earned my undergraduate degree
my car! A Volkswagen Tiguan if you’re wondering and that car is my best friend
W: Wow!
which I saw way too much... its kind of my go to expression
X: Excited
for this next season of life... graduation, marriage, career, new home! (there aren't very many "X" words, so we're going with the sound)
Y: You! 
this community of readers and followers that I love so dang much
Z: Zoom
how this life is seriously zooming by! I feel like yesterday I hit publish on my first blog post, and now, I'm almost five years into this journey!

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