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You guys know I’ve talked about my battle against acne ever since my junior high days. I’ve worked hard to strike the perfect balance between finding effective products and having a lifestyle conducive to overall health. I've aimed to reduce stress, get enough sleep each night, eat clean, and find products that work for me instead of against me. As the wedding draws nearer, I’ve been more proactive about using products that will make me look and feel my absolute best for that big day (and beyond the wedding too!). For me, the most effective way to clear up my skin has been by using prescription medications… which is where Alpha Medical steps in. 

Why Alpha? 
I just started a new full time job, I’m planning our upcoming wedding (just one month away!), and managing 5 other hats… and aren’t we all?! Us women lead full, bust, and active lives. What I don’t have time for is scheduling all the appointments, pickups, etc for something as integral to life as healthcare. That’s why my Alpha Medical delivery comes right to my door every month with the prescriptions I need. 

What Products? 
Life is busy and chaotic, and healthcare isn’t one of the things that should add to that chaos. I have specifically loved working with Alpha to receive my prescriptions for my topical acne cream and Latisse, the only FDA-approved serum for eyelash growth. (You can see all of the prescriptions they currently provide here!) 

And the process for getting what I needed was super simple! I simply created an account, got connected with one of Alpha’s medical professionals, and we decided on the best treatments together. 

Because Alpha is led by women, they understand and advocate for women’s needs by making healthcare more accessible to more women than ever before. With a care team that goes above and beyond, products like birth control are easier than ever to obtain. And when it’s time to refill, they arrive right to your door, carving out the time, expenses, and inconvenience that typically come with getting the medications you need. 

Women First
When it comes to my health and getting the prescriptions I need, Alpha is the choice that just makes sense. I love working with a company that puts women first. Because when women win, everyone wins!

This post is brought to you by Alpha Medical

All photos are by my new friend, the incredibly talented photographer, Conner Smith! He is just about the nicest person you'll ever meet and is seriously going places. Just graduated from FDIM, moving to LA, and has killer style to boot. If you're in need of styling, brand photography, or want to shoot with a rad photographer... he's your guy! 

Current Favorites


This post is one of my favorites because its all the stuff I've been LOVING lately! From the charcoal bar that has been seriously clearing up breakouts to the bag I can't live without (and have so far taken with me to NYC, Paris, and Austin to name a few...) I also couldn't help but include some long time staples -- like my trusty pink NMDs and Swell bottle, that I use every time I workout. I am a big time saver, so I am really careful about which products to invest in. Each of these items definitely receives the Hannah G Payne seal of approval (if that means anything, lol). Enjoy and happy shopping!


Must Haves to Pack for India

India can be an intimidating place to travel. There are different factors to consider than when packing for a trip in the US or Europe. But just because there are different factors to consider than a typical trip doesn't mean there is any reason to be nervous about visiting this beautiful country! The key is to be prepared for the unplanned and have a small bag with all the essentials with you at all times. Unexpected rain storm? No problem, you have a poncho. Long bus ride? You've got snacks. Need to jot down a memory? You don't go anywhere without 

Note: This is not a full packing list or guide to traveling to India. There are definitely other things like meds, specific clothing for the weather, travel visas, etc to consider. This is my list of additional, less common items that were super helpful to have on my trip! 
I'm from California where it it super dry during the summers. In India, there was often 80% humidity which left my skin sweaty and gross. When I got back to the hotel at night, I wanted nothing more than to cleanse my skin and put on a mask. 

Universal power converter 
Even if your hotel has sockets that fit US plugs, use the converter. Take it from the expert who plugged her expensive curling iron in, fried the iron, and blew a circuit in the hotel. (Not kidding!) 

Crystal light single packets 
In India, bottled water only and no juice or fresh produce. I was serious missing fruit about half way though the trip and luckily remember that we packed some of those crystal light and disability single packet juice mixes. 

Theses sandals are PERFECT (I now have 3 pairs!). I got a pair sent to me a few years ago from The Avarca Store, but I promise this is not paid for or sponsored in any way. I wear these sandals non stop, especially when I am traveling. They are so comfortable, ultra durable, and cover my feet without being too hot. Plus I've worn them through multiple rain storms and they dry within 20 minutes. 

I carried one with me the whole time. At certain monuments and temples, your head and shoulders must be covered. And if your feeling the uncomfortable stares it's nice to have the option always with you to cover up a little more. 

Hand sanitizer + baby wipes 
The heat/humidity combined with the dozens of tourist stops you'll make during your trip can leave you feeling pretty grimy. Not to mention, there is often no toilet paper in many of the public restrooms. Carrying your own sanitation products will give you a peace of mind and preparedness about being out and about on long days. 

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Father's Day Gift Guide


Guess what is right around the corner... Father's Day! It's hard to believe, but June has descended upon us, summer is in full swing, and that means it's time to celebrate our dads! My dad is my pal for life, the one who introduced me to camping, music, and the world's best pancake, and I am so thankful for him! For my family, Father's Day is wedged right in between two college commencements (UCLA for me, UCI for Kyle!), but that does not mean it should go any less celebrated! In fact, I think dads deserve to be celebrated beyond just Father's Day! Which is where finding the perfect gift comes in...

Bestowe is my new favorite way to find beautiful and meaningful gifts that will be appreciated far beyond the actual day. Catherine, the founder and creative force behind the brand, works to craft the most stunning gift boxes that perfectly combine functionality and form. For Father's Day, she created an entire collection of custom gift boxes that will suit every dad in your life. From the traveler to the mixologist, Bestowe has you covered! I can imagine each dad in my life -- from my own dad, to my grandpa, to uncles, and to my future father in law -- enjoying a gift that is tailored to their personalities. I've linked my favorite products and gift boxes below, so let's get shopping! You can use the code: perfect15 for 15% your order placed by June 30th! 

(And also...stay tuned for some very fun wedding collaborations with Bestowe in the weeks ahead...)