Why Gaming Isn’t Just For The Guys

Marriage is all about sharing, right?! That’s why in this household gaming isn’t just for guys anymore! Sharing what you love with who you love is so important… that means that this girl is hopping on our new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for a date night in full of Chinese takeout and gaming! And not going to lie, #NewlywedLife means #BudgetLife, so coming up with fun, creative, and affordable date nights has been a fun challenge! When Xbox sent me this console to try out, I was so excited because game nights are the perfect way to spend the night laughing and bonding without breaking the budget. 

One of my favorite things about our Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is that it is entirely digital! The less clutter in our cute lil 600 square foot Love Nest, the better! With an all digital set up, we don’t have any boxes, disks, or extras that we don’t need. Our Xbox Game Pass membership gives unlimited access to over one hundred great Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, so we have all the games without the clutter! And the best part of going all digital? By removing the disc drive, it takes $50 off the Xbox One S price! No need to pay for something you don’t use! Our Xbox setup is streamlined and simple, which I LOVE. 

I don’t know about you, but growing up I was a Guitar Hero gal! That was actually one of the things that Kyle and I bonded about early in our relationship. And even now, we’ve had intense Guitar Hero game nights with our college friends! Getting together to play, laugh, and (of course) share takeout is always a good time and I love how we can have fun, make memories, and host people in our new place as newlyweds. 

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Why Hiking Has a Special Place in My Heart


Hiking will always hold a special place in my heart. We were on a hike when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kyle. We got engaged on a hike. And now we're spending our last week before the big day hiking the little mountain range in the town we've called home for most of our lives. As long as I've got Kyle, plenty of snacks, and our High Sierra backpack, I'm ready for all the hikes and adventures to come. 

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Groom's Wedding Gifts Ideas


Attention: We are in the home stretch before the big day. The countdown is on, its all setting in, and I could not be more excited! One of the many little details of the big day is getting a small, yet meaningful gift for your partner, and I'm not going to lie, I felt like the pressure was on when I started thinking about what to get. This felt like it had to be the most special gift ever.  Birthdays and Christmas come around every year, so if you mess up a gift, you are guaranteed a re-do. Your wedding day, however, is once in a lifetime. And I wanted to find something that perfectly captured our relationship and what Kyle means to me. For us, that meant something with meaning and memory attached. Like a record of our favorite songs, map of a meaningful place to our relationship, or something we could make future memories with. When I let go of finding something absoltuely perfect, that's when the fun of gift hunting kicked in! This post is compilation of inspiration for something meaningful and fun for your groom! Hopefully, it can be a great starting off point to get the creative juices flowing. So get creative, and get shopping! 

Pour Over Coffee Maker: If he is a coffee lover, this is the perfect addition to his morning routine (and makes great decor for the kitchen). Every morning Cup of Joe will be a beautiful reminder of your wedding day. 

Watch: A classic gift that he'll wear daily. Kyle already has a watch he loves, but I did the cheesiest thing ever and got it engraved saying "I love you for all time" as a college graduation gift last year. 

Etched Map Pint Glass: Bonus points for getting a special place to your relationship engraved on the glasses. Beer and memories... name a better combo, I'll wait! 

Record Player: Another great decor piece that also serves a functional purpose. To make the gift even more special, include a record or artist that has meaning to your relationship. 

Beer Brewing Kit: I am a big fan of experiential gifts and learning to brew together is such a fun date night! 

Double Hammock: Perfect for getting cozy under the stars, whether you're hanging in the backyard or on a camping trip. 

Portable Projector : A less romantic gift, but very fun and functional! I got Kyle this one for Christmas a few years ago and it is the gift that he uses the most! Perfect for movie nights on a budget. 

Shaving Kit: A classic gift for a classic guy 

Hiking Backpack: For the adventurous couple, who will be spending lots of weekends exploring the great outdoors! 

Heart Boxers: What better way to remember the day than with a pair of lucky underwear! 

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