About Me

Im all about: 
Embracing Beauty in Imperfection 
Creating Community 
Sharing What Makes Me Smile 
Encouraging Confidence + Strength in Young Women
Being Our Real, Human, Messy, + Beautiful Selves 
Knowing the Hope + Joy of Jesus Christ

If you're new around my little space on the internet, thank you so much for visiting! Welcome to the place where we can all share a little style, and little adventure, and a whole lot of kindness. What started as a creative space has become so much more. This site is a place to share. It is a place where we can all share in the perfectly imperfect moments that truly make life so great.

A few things about me: I am a California living, Jesus loving UCLA student fueled by smiling, good coffee, great music, and adventure. I have been acting and modeling for the past 10 years and recently appeared in the Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why. I love my family more than anything. I think music has the ability to reach past boundaries and unite people in the most beautiful form. I am stubborn to a fault. I want desperately for everyone to know the love and absolute peace that comes with knowing Jesus. I believe there isn’t a single person you would not love if you knew their story. So, that’s what I’m doing. Sharing my story and getting to know yours. Thank you so much for being part of this sweet blogging journey with me! 

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  1. Hi I love your blog it is super inspiring! The way you write is so personal and makes it so easy to connect with you! Don't stop!